A general contractor like Rowan Custom Homes will work with you though all phases of construction. Construction a generally broken down to these five phases, Initiation, Planning, Execution, Performance & Monitoring, and Closure. Even with small projects like roof replacement or bathroom remodels, it can be cumbersome for the average home owner to manage all the details. A general contractor will guide you through all these phases and manage every detail so you don't have to. 

Through the Initiation phase you will share your vision for your project. You will explain the elements your space needs, and the look and feel you want the space to have. You may also want to give a budget you want to say with in. You may also want to present visuals of designs you like. There are many resources for inspiration that can be found on the web. Showing the contractor what you hope to achieve will help with the design phase.

During the Design process you will approve of floorplans and budgets. The contractor will create preliminary designs and estimates, and present a design that they believe will best achieve your vision while staying within your desired budget. Once a design has been approved a cost estimate and payment schedule will be created and presented for you approval. After everything has been approved you contractor will begin to execute the plan.

The general contractor will begin filing for permits, ordering materials and hiring sub-contractors to Execute your project. Throughout the process your input will be needed for choosing the finishes you want. For items like cabinetry, surfaces, and fixtures your contractor my give you a budget allowance for you to make your own selection. While with other items like wall paint, your color of choice is all that's needed.

Once the project is in full motion your General Contractor will ensure that subs are performing their tasks in order and in a timely manner. The contractor will also monitor the the work being done to make sure that it is done to industry standards. Time and money are saved the earlier any changes are made or issues are recognized. You are also encouraged to check the status of the project and always feel free to ask questions and let the contractor know of any concerns.

At the Closure of the project, final payments will need to be made, and the contractor will be able to answer any questions you may have about your new space.

Having a general contractor working on your project will insure your project is done quickly and to industry standard.